"She's a combination of a fragile, refined, youthful sensitivity and a quiet, elegant intelligence. What makes her even more unique is that she has another persona[...] She's a smart, sassy comedienne with sharp wit and a no nonsense style that makes her a throwback to the great women of the 40's."


Artistic Director of the Pacific Resident Theatre

"Zoe Yale is one of the most talented, creative and hard-working young actors I've come across in some time.  The depth, intelligence, compassion and imagination in her acting choices always astonish and she's an absolute joy to work with!"

- Judith Moreland

actress, Dark Skies

"Zoe was a total standout [...] and her work displayed an intelligence, discipline, spot-on instincts, and a depth that is unusual for someone her age."

- Michael Laskin

The Michael Laskin Studio
Author of
The Authentic Actor

"Zoe Yale's work is unique and honest. She was a standout as a student and shows great promise as a real leading lady."


actor, Hill Street Blues
Directors Guild Award Winner

"Zoe is tremendously talented, versatile and is one of the hardest working actors that I have had the pleasure to train.  She is intelligent, insightful, mature and has a depth of emotion that is rare in such a young actress."


Head of UCLA Undergraduate Acting